momentarily my thought dumpster.


Pheew! another month passed again since my last entry! I've wrote a few on my physical diary... Tomorrow I'm leaving for a school trip in London, I'll be attending lessons in a college whilst also being able to roam around the city in the afternoons. I hope no one peeks around my room (dungeon, secret laboratory) while I'm gone for whole week... This month has been wild. Well, for someone with such a mundane life like me for sure... My cold stoic heart has been under attack for a good while, I felt the urge to start reading tarots, just submitted my entry for an art contest at school... and I plan on working more and more. I also want to do something nice for a certain someone.


A whole month has passed! 2023 has treated me decently so far. I started reading, baking and writing down my mundane, trivial everyday experiences and thoughts on a diary... This place might be half abandoned but it is still public...I do not exactly know what to write there...! I'm currently working on some new collection/favourite albums sections on there, trying to write down some clean code! After all, god willing...if I study hard enough...I'm going to be a computer science student at uni :) I have to survive this last year of high school and pass the entry exam first!


It's past midnight already. I'm glad to be finally back on here, though I got a bit rusty due to months of inactivity. I'm determined to learn and produce more art... despite feeling like I wasted another year down the drain, I have to admit there are some good things that happened, mostly little insignificant things I'm not going to list here, but most importantly: I met new people, did what I could in terms of academics and hobbies, learned something along the way. Lots of things changed and some others are currently taking shape. I really wish I could be genuinely optimistic about my future, but all I can think of is how much time I wasted, what I could have been if only I had done more.